Is the Qualcomm X Elite ready to take on business users? Two reviews of HP’s gorgeous new EliteBook Ultra laptop deliver mixed messages — and the jury is still out

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HP recently launched its new EliteBook Ultra G1q AI PC, the first Copilot+ PC business laptop featuring Qualcomm’s 12-core Snapdragon X Elite chipset

The arrival of this ARM-based laptop, could, in theory, go some way to challenging the dominance of Intel and AMD in the business market, but two of the first reviews, from Laptop Mag and Notebookcheck, present differing opinions that might make you think twice about opening your wallet.

Laptop Mag’s review is optimistic about the EliteBook Ultra’s capabilities, highlighting its fast performance, over 16 hours of battery life, and vibrant 14-inch 2.2K IPS display.

The jury is still out

“With the EliteBook Ultra, HP has made a fantastic case for why Windows on ARM systems are ideal for business professionals. Between the quality performance, impressive battery life, and vibrant display, the EliteBook can be kept up in most professional settings. While its poor graphics performance is disappointing, it will be fine for an enterprise machine,” writes reviewer Madeline Ricchiuto.

She also praises the laptop’s thin, lightweight design and sustainability efforts, including its use of recycled materials and EPEAT Gold certification. But while recognizing its strengths, Laptop Mag also points out potential issues with graphics performance and specialized app support, advising users to evaluate their specific needs before making a purchase.

Notebookcheck casts a more skeptical eye on the EliteBook Ultra’s position in the competitive landscape. The review acknowledges the laptop’s decent performance and build quality but stresses that it faces tough competition from existing Intel and AMD machines. “Buyers already have a handful of excellent subnotebooks to choose from (including from HP’s own portfolio) that can match or exceed the features and capabilities of the EliteBook Ultra,” Allen Ngo, the site’s lead US editor, writes.

The review further notes that the laptop’s price point of $1,699 does not offer significant advantages over rivals, suggesting that it might have been more appealing at a lower cost. “The EliteBook Ultra G1q 14 is a good start for Qualcomm, but it’s going to need to do much more as the latest from Intel and AMD are a step ahead for the same price.”

Ultimately, while the EliteBook Ultra showcases potential with its cutting-edge AI and ARM architecture, its mixed reviews suggest that it may not yet be the definitive go-to for business professionals. 

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