A Twist On The Salade d’Asperges Recipe

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Although the weather doesn’t seem to have caught the memo, it is actually summer here in the UK and, when it comes to lunches, that means I’m usually spent trying to make the perfect salad.

I love a salad but I am easily bored by foods and when there aren’t enough different textures, I kind of have to convince myself to get through the whole thing. It’s an annoying habit.

Enter: Salade d’Asperges, an asparagus-based salad with a tonne of different textures and tastes that come together perfectly.

The salad, which comes from Boursin, contains asparagus, puy lentils, hazelnuts and, crucially, cheese. Stay with me here.

There are a lot of ingredients involved, but they’re quite basic.

You’ll need these ingredients:

Then, for the zesty dressing, you’ll need:

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